Platter of The Day.

A choice of three tantalizing starters. $16.


Gamberetti Piri Piri.

Prawns out of the shell in a creamy tomato, ginger, coriander and chilli sauce.

Served with coconut rice. $SQ.



Typical french seafood soup. Whole prawns, fish fillet and mussels simmered in a

tastefully rich fish stock with a hint of tomato and cream with a side helping of

aioli. $16.


Duck Spring Rolls.

Filled with a melange of spring onion, baby marrow and tender shredded duck

breast.Served with a plum sweet chilli ginger soy sauce. $14.


Funghi al Gorgonzola.

Oven baked button mushrooms on a bed of spinach topped with a mild blue

cheese and sun-dried tomato sauce. $13.


Fegatini alla Veneziana.

Garlic , chilli chicken livers flambe in port wine and brandy. A touch of cream and

cherry tomatoes served with a small helping of potatoes mash and our homemade

pesto. $12.


Lumache all'Aglio.

Snails, simply in a decadent garlic butter or a Mediterranean tomato and pesto sauce. $13.





Insalata di Zucca

A rocket salad and lollo lettuce with caramelized butternut,apple cubes and feta

cheese , drizzled with a mint vinaigrette. $10.


Insalata Provenzale.

Crispy lettuce and rocket salad with blue cheese, fresh apple cubes and walnuts,

served with a mild herb dressing. $10.


Nicoise Salad con Pollo

Grilled chicken salad , with green beans,black olives, cherry tomato, garlic

croutons and boiled eggs. Drizzled with an anchovy, dijon mustard dressing. $15.




Our Pasta.


Linguine al Samone

Linguine served with smoked salmon simmered in a creamy vodka and

black pepper sauce.$  .


Pennette ai Gamberetti.

Pennette served with a spicy tomato, garlic, parsley, cream cheese sauce

with baby marrow and prawns. $22.


Vic 22 Ravioli Alfredo.

Homemade ravioli filled with a melange of pork meat and salsiccia simmered

with a green pea, mushroom, ham cream sauce. Ask for the vegetarian option

if you wish. $18.


Spaghetti all' Amatriciana.

Spaghetti served with a chilli basil tomato sauce, with black olives, bacon,

Italian herbs and lots of Parmesan cheese ! $16.





Trancio di Salmone alla Senape Panna

Our Signature Dish. Scottish Salmon gently steamed with a fragrant spicy aroma.

Served with a delicate whole grain mustard cream sauce. $34.


Medaglioni di Filetto.

Beef fillet medallions pan fried to your liking. Served with your choice of sauce :

Brandy and Green Peppercorn, Cream White Wine Mushroom or

Whiskey Rosemary. $26.




Traditionally cooked in a red wine and chutney marinade. Served with Parmesan

cheese mashed potatoes. $24.


Petto di Pollo Campagnolo.

Tenderized chicken breast filled with feta cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomato

simmered in a delicate creamy white wine and mushroom sauce. $25.

Maiale ai Datteri e Peperoni.

Pork fillet wrapped in bacon tossed in paprika, sauteed in a creamy sauce with

dates and peppers. $25.


Anitra All'Arancia.

Duck Confit, a french favorite. Oven baked crispy duck quarters complemented

with an orange red wine sauce. $25.